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Christian History Magazine Living out Faith Bundle - Set of 4

This set includes four issues of Christian History magazine — #101: Healthcare and Hospitals, #102: People of Faith, #104: New Industrial Economy, and #125: Food and Faith.

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#101: Healthcare and Hospitals — "Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me." Early Christians took these words of Jesus to heart as they served the sick.

#102: People of Faith — This issue of
Christian History explores the diversity found in the churches of America and their complex relationship with the broader culture.

#104: New Industrial Economy — How did the church respond to widespread changes brought on by the Industrial Revolution? How did the church respond as this new world emerged, and what can we learn from the success and failures of our predecessors? Find out in this thought-provoking, thoroughly relevant issue of Christian History magazine.

#125: Food and Faith —
Ever since Jesus turned water into wine and then fed the 5,000 with seven loaves and two fish, Christians have taken their feasting (and their fasting) seriously. This issue of Christian History takes a journey from the garden to the sanctuary to the fellowship hall to uncover the fascinating history of food and faith. You’ll find seven full-page images, plenty of interesting anecdotes, and even a few recipes in this delectable issue!  

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