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Christian History Magazine Church in America Bundle - Set of 4

This set includes four issues of Christian History magazine — #33: Christianity and Civil War, #50: American Revolution, #138: America's Book (Part 1), #143: Bible in America (Part 2)

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#33: Christianity and Civil War — Union Major Robert Anderson leads his troops in prayer at Fort Sumter - where in 100 days civil war would begin. Also covers the Christian case for slavery, Lincoln's Unconventional faith, Secret Religion of the Slaves, Revivals among the Troops.

#50: American Revolution — This issue
covers Christianity's overlooked role in the bold venture to gain independence.

#138: America's Book (Part 1) —
No book has loomed larger in American history than the Bible. It has animated governmental ideas and shaped national identity. It has sparked reform, political union and division, and creative inspiration for novelists, artists, and songwriters nationwide. In this first of a two-part series, join Christian History as we examine the role and influence of the B-I-B-L-E on America’s preachers, politicians, reformers, authors, filmmakers, and more.

#143: Bible in America (Part 2) — How did the Good Book shape the church in the United States? In this the second issue in our two-part series on the Bible in America, dive deeper into the story of the Bible’s influence on American worship and personal devotion. Together, we hope the two issues bring you better clarity regarding the ways Americans have valued, experienced, and defended the B-I-B-L-E.

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