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Archaeology + Jesus

  • Item 501872D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 87 mins.
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No place on earth has arrested the attention of adventurers and archaeologists like the Holy Land. But does what we dig up in Israel bear resemblance to the stories that we read about Jesus in the Gospels? To answer this question, Archaeology and Jesus follows two paths. You’ll explore the process of archaeology with the top experts digging in Israel today. And along the way you’ll join New Testament scholar Dr. Craig Evans as he reveals groundbreaking finds that illuminate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Archaeology and Jesus Episode 1: Exploring the "Jesus House"
Dr. Craig Evans explores the newly discovered “Jesus House,” and Dr. Jodi Magness introduces “the process of destruction” that is archaeology.

Archaeology and Jesus Episode 2: The Sealed Locus
Master the techniques of archaeology by cracking open a sealed floor of an ancient city, while uncovering newly discovered evidence about life in the hometown of Jesus.

Archaeology and Jesus Episode 3: The Olive Press of Death
Go deep underground to see the fulfillment of the last prophecy of Jesus while exploring the city that “didn’t exist.”

Archaeology and Jesus Episode 4: The Shape of the Cross
The Bone Man, Dr. Israel Hershkovitz (Tel Aviv University), analyzes the only evidence of crucifixion while Dr. Craig Evans squeezes into the “Leper’s tomb” in the field of blood before investigating the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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