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Vindication Season Two

Vindication is a faith-based crime drama that follows the investigative work of Detective Gary Travis.

  • Item 501916D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 5 hrs 8 min.
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Price: $14.99
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The highly praised crime-drama series, VINDICATION, returns for a second season with 10 exhilarating new episodes. Gary and Becky Travis adjust to new chapters in their lives as big changes in the East Bank police department test the patience and newfound faith of the recently promoted Sergeant Travis. Meanwhile, Det. Kris Tanner battles personal and professional challenges as the small town’s only female detective.

New characters, new crimes, hard-hitting issues, spiritual lessons, surprising new romances and shocking new rivalries make VINDICATION SEASON TWO a dramatic roller-coaster ride—taking faith-based drama to a whole new level! Ten half-hour episodes:

Precincts and Prisoners
- Gary and Becky Travis adapt to new chapters in life amidst an investigation into mysterious activity on a single mother's property.
Turmoil - Sgt. Travis struggles to manage Precinct Two while a surprising romantic relationship springs to life in Precinct One.
Suspicion Comes Home - Kris investigates an assault case where she may know the suspect personally. Travis works to retool his Precinct Two roster.
Perspectives - A veteran with known racial prejudices reports a stolen tractor and lands Travis in a difficult spot. Doris makes a request of Becky.
Game of Life - Competitive tensions between Precinct One and Precinct Two reach a fervor at a community fundraiser event.
The Facade - The questionable behavior of an eccentric photographer in East Bank reunites Sgt. Travis and Kris for an investigation.
Be a Man - A weekend hunting trip by the men's group reveals a flurry of unexpected family instabilities, both past and present.
When It Stings - Motives are in question as Precinct One and Precinct Two stage dueling sting operations that produce vastly different outcomes.
Fallout - Surprising arrests in East Bank trigger devastating consequences for members of the police force and the families of those arrested.
The Chief - Tomlinson and Travis battle for the chief position as Kris seeks to avenge a personal tragedy.

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