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CHM Catch Up Bundle 2018

Includes four issues of Christian History magazine published in 2018: issues 125-128.

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Includes four issues of Christian History magazine published in 2018: issues 125-128.

#125: Food and Faith -- Ever since Jesus turned water into wine and then fed the 5,000 with seven loaves and two fish, Christians have taken their feasting (and their fasting) seriously. From fellowship meals, soup kitchens and church gardens to Christian cookbooks, Christian diets, and the temperance movement, Christians have practiced fasting and feasting as an expression of faith. This issue of Christian History takes us on a journey from the garden to the sanctuary to the fellowship hall to uncover the fascinating history of food and faith. You’ll find seven full page images, plenty of interesting anecdotes, and even a few recipes in this delectable issue!  

#126: Baptists in America -- From Roger Williams to Billy Graham, the history of Baptists in America illustrates the struggles and triumphs of both the United States and of the Christian faith in the American context. Since their turbulent beginning, Baptists have been committed in their evangelical message, congregational in their polity, and concerned for the freedom of the individual in matters of worship and conscience. Meet the men and women who shaped Baptist history and discover the theology, context, splits, and controversies that forged the largest Protestant group in America in this colorful issue of Christian History.

#127: Medieval Lay Mystics -- Around the twelfth century, a fresh wind blew across Medieval Europe, bringing the Scripture to ordinary lay people through traveling preachers and new translations.  Many were inspired to commit their whole selves to seek and to serve God while remaining in the world rather than join religious orders. Let the prayers and devotion of Margery, Thomas, Catherine, Lawrence and many others inspire you toward a deeper faith in this issue of Christian History

#128: George Müller, the Brethren, and Faith Missions -- He didn’t make budgets, beg for donations, or send letters to ministry partners with lists of dire needs. He didn’t have a Missions Board or even take a salary from the church he pastored. But what George Müller did do was pray. And God answered. Discover the faithful, prayerful life of the Prussian pastor who settled in Bristol, England with a mission to evangelize, seek the pure unity of the New Testament church, and provide for the country’s most destitute victims of poverty. From his involvement with the growing “Brethren”- a like-minded group who struggled with the Anglican church and denominationalism- to his work with England’s orphans, trace the influence of Müller, faith missions, and the Brethren ideas that have reverberated through evangelicalism for almost 200 years in this issue of Christian History.

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