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When Calls the Heart: Double Feature - S9 Movies 1 & 2 (Out like a Lamb & Straight from the Heart)

This double feature includes the first and second movies from Season 9 of the beloved television series.

  • Item 300825D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 165 min.
Retail: $16.99
Price: $9.99
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Out Like a Lamb — Elizabeth and Little Jack return from a trip to Hamilton just in time for another exciting arrival in Hope Valley. An air balloon touches down in town and all of Hope Valley's residents find themselves caught up in the fun. But when Nathan is struck on horseback by a hit-and-run driver, the town is shocked and stunned. Hope Valley residents rally around Nathan, working together to help in his recovery and find the person responsible.

Straight from the Heart — Elizabeth's book is finally published so Lucas plans a surprise party, but some negative reviews received by the Valley Voice dampen the evening before he can get her to the party. Lee Coulter also begins working at the Valley Voice, but he and his wife Rosemary still have some adjusting to do. Rosemary assigns Lee a writing piece on Hickam as the mayor, but Lee doesn't think he is up for the job. Lucas also has his own adjusting to do. When Elizabeth is left without a babysitter, Lucas volunteers to step in and bonds with Little Jack, after he gets over his nerves of parenting.

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