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Paul, Apostle Of Grace

Join pastor and teacher Ron Kelly as he explores Paul's message of grace in Jesus Christ and the ancient cities of the Roman Empire.

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  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 3 min
  • Rating: NR

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Follow the footsteps of the apostle who rocked the Roman Empire to its foundations. Paul's radical gospel of grace lit the fire of the faith that would sweep across Europe and beyond. This exploration takes you to the actual places Paul visited, now in modern-day Greece, Turkey, Israel and Italy. Join pastor and teacher Ron Kelly as he guides you in exploring Paul's message of grace in Jesus Christ and the ancient cities of the Roman Empire where it took root. Paul, the Apostle of Grace will inspire and enlighten you. The Bible will come alive when you see what it was like when — and where — the earthshaking events in its pages occurred. Fullscreen.

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Editorial Reviews

Ron Kelly narrates "Victory at Jerusalem" and "Paul Apostle of Grace." Each follow similar formats, Pastor Kelly shows and explains places of historical interest and gives devotional thoughts. At appropriate times, each story includes written and spoken Bible verses. "Victory at Jerusalem" calls Jesus "...the Lamb of God sacrificed for the sins of the whole world." Jesus was "God in the flesh, who came to live with us." This DVD contains a thorough explanation of the symbolism in the Old Testament Passover. Of particular interest were several well known scenes of the Last Supper, where Jesus served "bread and wine (or grace juice)" "Paul Apostle of Grace" summarizes the life of this great preacher of the Gospel. Corinth is the "sin city of Greece," but Paul preached the message of the cross. Paul rejoiced in his sufferings, and felt the Christian life was "worth it." The narrator carefully explains places where scholars disagree, or history is unclear. Some ruins are "believed to be" the house of Simeon. He uses phrases such as, "...some authorities... others believe..." The location of Jesus' crucifixion, Gordon's Calvary or Golgotha, is a topic scholars have long debated. Kelly favors Golgotha, noting the skull-like appearance of Gordon's Calvary is the result of quarrying operations within the last several centuries. At times, Rob Kelly quotes sources such as "The Expositors Bible Commentary" and "Eerdman's Bible Handbook."

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