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Man Dancin'

Jimmy's out of jail, and he's a changed man.

  • Item 501233D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 1 hr 49 min
Retail: $19.99
Price: $14.99
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  • Winner, Best International Feature

    Garden State Film Festival

  • Winner, Outstanding Original Screenplay

    Sacramento Film Festival

  • Critic's Choice and Gold Remi Winner

    WorldFest Houston


When Jimmy Kerrigan (Alex Ferns of EastEnders) is unexpectedly released from jail, everyone expects him to fall back into his old criminal ways. But Jimmy has changed, though no one believes him -- least of all his former crime boss, Donnie McGlone (James Cosmo of Braveheart), and old adversary, Detective Inspector Walter Villers (Kenneth Cranham of Layer Cake). They both think Jimmy's up to no good, branching out on his own to control the tough streets of Glasgow, Scotland.

Father Gabriel Flynn (Tom Georgeson of
A Fish Called Wanda) is in charge of Jimmy's anger management classes. He sees something in Jimmy that nobody else does, and to the amazement of all, he asks Jimmy to play the lead in the church's annual Passion Play. Faced with the prospect of endless anger management classes, Jimmy agrees. It's a decision that has repercussions throughout the entire community and throws McGlone's and Villers' cozy world into turmoil. Jimmy Kerrigan is back all right - with a vengeance!

It's a well-made film... an ambitions undertaking. - The Observer, February 22nd

Alex Ferns is excellent. - Johnny Vaughan, The Sun, Friday Feb. 20th

Special Features:
In Widescreen format with optional English subtitles (movie only)
95 minutes of special features including "The Making of Man Dancin'," deleted scenes, outtakes, and theatrical trailer

We recommend this film only with a strong warning, as it wasn't made for the church market but for the unchurched in secular theaters. It shows how the power of the Gospel can transform lives and it addresses issues from the hard streets of Glasgow, Scotland. Strong viewer discretion is advised (language, violence, and drug use).


Editorial Reviews

This is an incredible, award-winning drama about a criminal trying to change his life. It is a well-scripted and well-acted drama. Most of the cast has worked on other top Hollywood projects like "Braveheart" and "A Fish Called Wanda." I invite you to follow the story of Jimmy Kerrigan as he is released from prison and begins to confront the expectations of those who knew his past. I'm sure that some people can relate to how often people are surprised by changes in your life because of Christ. Unfortunately for Jimmy, some think that he is up to something. This is NOT your typical, cookie-cutter, predicable low budget drama. It has both class and heart... an easy 5-star effort. - Christian Screen Insights by Dr. Douglas M. Downs

Have you ever wanted to present the Gospel with lots of real, honest dialogue that wasn't afraid to confront problems or use some "rough" language? Such is this British story of a man transformed from his previous life of gangs and violence. He meets resistance along the way as he tries to walk the narrow.

It's a well-made film... an ambitions undertaking.

Alex Ferns is excellent.

"Touching Humour"

"A witty, gritty, gangster movieā€¦A terrific film."

"An engrossingly unusual Brit flick"

Customer Reviews

- Man Dancin

I thought this was a christian film but i didn't watch it halfway before the main actor blasphemed.Taking the LORD'S name in vain,so i threw it away

- Phenomenal!

What a phenomenal movie! It is not comfortable or easy, but I like to believe Jesus wrote this parable for us today. I got to watch this with my Dad who was dying and we had a conversation that will never leave me. Don't wait for a discount version - invest your heart in this now. I won't give it away, but let's just say it makes you believe God does redeem in our lifetime, and salvation is more than a promise on the future - it is a way of life.

- Enjoyed It!

Award winning foreign film. I enjoyed this one.
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