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Searching Generation: Spiritual Life Of Twenty-Somethings

What speaks to them? How are they misunderstood?

  • Item 501265D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 30 min

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Price: $15.99
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  • Remi Gold

    Worldfest Houston Awards 2009

  • Gold Crown Award for Best Documentary under $50,000

    ICVM 2009


The Searching Generation is a documentary film about two generations: Generation X and Millennials. Its provocative yet contemplative tone seeks to open a dialogue between traditional religious communities and the emergent generation.

The filmmakers explore the same questions among twenty-somethings of Europe and the U.S., as well as among experts in spirituality, art, film and music. Included are interviews with best-selling authors Brian McLaren and Erwin McManus, writer Lauren Winner, musician Derek Webb, screenwriter Craig Detweiler, and music producer Mark Joseph. The program provides a valuable foundation for starting a spiritual dialogue with today's young people. Among the questions explored are:

- What is important to these groups?
- Where are the common misunderstandings about them?
- How do they shape their values?
- What language do they speak?
- How do they describe themselves?
- What is spirituality to these generations, and why do
they struggle to find their place in the religious communities of today?

Companion guides are included in PDF. Fullscreen.

Editorial Reviews

This intriguing, short documentary focuses on the newest generation, nick-named X-Gens and Millennials. It discusses what they are interested in; how they communicate; and what social, political, and financial factors influence them most. The movie contains interviews with young people on the street from all around the world and follow-up commentary by ministers, sociologists, and psychologists. The goal of this film is to help religious groups and the new generation open up to each other. It discusses how most of the people in this new generation are spiritual but not religious and how, if we want to reach them, must learn how to speak their language, understand their motivating forces, and empathize with their worries. As one anaylist said, "We must learn to speak for what we stand for, not what we stand against." This DVD would do well in any church library with a congregation wishing to stay current with a changing populace. JW

We get into a trap in our churches. We farm kids out of the worship service and make them go to "junior church." Then when they become teens everyone asks, "Why don't the youth want to come to church?" They haven't been welcome until now -- what did you expect? This DVD and discussion guide take the question one step further: How do we get the 20-somethings back? How do we, as a church, reach them even if it means leaving the safety of the building to do so? This is an excellent resource for any church. Announce free coffee and doughnuts to every person 30 or older in the congregation, then lock the doors and make them watch this 30-minute video. The DVD may be a little short on answers, but it is excellent in defining the situation and allowing congregations to decide how to reach out to this searching -- not lost -- generation. - Steve Case

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