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Torchlighters: The Augustine Story

Introduce children to the story of Augustine, who rejected fame and fortune to become a voice for truth.

  • Item 501505D
  • Region: All
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 35 min.

Alternate formats: Digital Video - $2.99

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Price: $7.99
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  • Best Children's Film - Gold

    ICVM Crown Awards, June 2013


Bright, young Augustine thinks his mother’s religion is foolishness. With his “superior” intellect to guide him, he sneaks away from home and ventures to a new life in the city of Rome. Soon Augustine finds himself in an important position as “The Voice of The Emperor,” with the life of luxury he’s always wanted. When the empire decides to take over the Christian basilica, Augustine prepares to give the speech of a lifetime, one that will slow the rising tide of Christianity’s influence. With his devout mother and the unwavering Bishop Ambrose on one side and angry, armed soldiers on the other, Augustine must choose whom he will serve. Fullscreen.

Torchlighters is a series of animated programs for youth ages 8-12, presenting the lives of true-life heroes from Christian history. When kids see what God can do through a “Torchlighter” who is devoted to carrying out His will and purposes, they too may want to carry a torch of faith by serving Him.

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DVD Special Features:
• English and Spanish languages with optional English and Spanish subtitles
Augustine: A Voice for all Generations, a 55-minute documentary
• Comprehensive leader’s guide with lesson plans, background information, and more
• Reproducible student handouts, including comprehension and discussion questions, puzzles, activities, coloring, and more
• More activities for children at and

Editorial Reviews

Intended for young Christians ages 8-12, The Augustine Story is an animated children's DVD about a noble figure in early Christianity. Augustine was a talented young man who rebelled against his devout Christian mother. Seeking his fortune in the city of Rome, he earned a position as "The Voice of the Emperor," with money and luxury. When the empire is about to seize the Christian basilica, Augustine must give a pivotal speech against Christianity. At a crossroads in life, he must choose whether he will serve the Empire or his own faith, and that of his mother. An inspirational tale of standing up for one's convictions, The Augustine Story is a worthy entrant in the The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith DVD series, highly recommended.

A voice for truth: The dramatic story of St. Augustine, who rejected fame and fortune in fourth-century Rome and Milan to become one of the greatest theologians of the church, is chronicled in The Augustine Story. The latest 30-minute animated biography in The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith line is distributed by Vision Video. The series is aimed at children, aged 8-12.

The Augustine Story is an animated movie for children that comes from The Torchlighters series from the Christian History Institute and Vision Video. The Torchlighters series is a compilation of short movies that help teach children and families about Christian heroes in history. The Augustine Story begins with Augustine leaving his home for Rome to be a great intellectual teacher. His mother, Monica, in the meantime prays constantly for Augustine. In Rome, Augustine’s reputation as a great debater gets him placed as the Emperor’s spokesperson in Milan, the capitol city at the time. The Emperor’s manipulative mother sends Augustine to destroy the Christian Bishop Ambrose’s influence over the people. As Augustine seeks to find arguments to use against Ambrose, the Emperor’s mother prepares to take over Ambrose’s church by force. All they need Augustine to do is convince the people that Ambrose is a fake. However, Augustine decides to stand for the church against the empire. He loses his position as the Emperor’s spokesperson and is soon converted to Christianity. The influence of his teaching and preaching grows and affects the whole world. The Augustine Story is a fantastic short video for children. It teaches children about history and great biblical lessons for life. The video is written and animated in a very entertaining way that even adults will enjoy. Filled with humor, suspense and good lessons, The Augustine Story has no objectionable content and is a great video for the whole family. The DVD contains a huge bonus, an insightful 58-minute documentary about Augustine, including further information about his mother, Monica, Bishop Ambrose and Augustine’s conversion to Christianity. The Augustine Story is a fantastic short video for children. It teaches them history and great biblical lessons for life. The video is written and animated in a very entertaining way that even adults will enjoy. Filled with humor, suspense and positive lessons, The Augustine Story has no objectionable content. It’s a great video for the whole family.

Customer Reviews

- Favorite Children's Series!

This is my favorite children's series, bar none. I think that my wife and I enjoyed the DVD's as much as the children. Please produce more of these!

Great job on <i>The Augustine Story.</i> In some ways, it's story seemed similar to the kinds of struggles Christians face today. All 11 videos have been amazing and inspiring. Please keep up the great work.

Just got the new <i>Augustine Story</i> in the mail and watched it right away! Loved it as usual!!!! My daughter said she wants to keep all the <i>Torchlighters</i> so she can show them to her children one day. :-)

- Amazing Even in Spanish!!!

I think this movie was brilliantly done. This would make a great timely, witnessing tool even in Spanish.

- Torchlighter Series

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for producing these DVD's!! Our 3 children (aged 6, 4 and 2) watch them constantly and it cheers our hearts to hear them play Amy Carmichael rescuing Preena instead of Cinderella and Snow White! (in fact our 2 year old son goes around the house yelling, "let me go, let me go!" which he learned from that movie!). We wanted something in our home that would enrich our children's lives and give them missionary hearts, and these movies do that perfectly. We have recommended them to all the families we know who have children. We are already looking forward to John Wesley!

- Eve

I absolutely love the Torchlighters Series! I have used them in Sunday School, our Awana Club, and in my history class. My students thoroughly enjoy the movies, and my own children ask to bring home the DVDs to watch again at home. Thank you for providing such uplifting and faith challenging DVDs! Keep them coming!

- Torchlighter Series

Our family has watched your DVD's for years and we have been SO blessed by your materials!! We are so grateful that you've provided a Christian look at history, showed us stories of brave Christians, and built our faith — one episode at a time. And we thank you for stepping up to do this and providing <b>excellent</b> children's DVD's — a very rare thing indeed!
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