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God's Glory, Neighbor's Good: The Story of Pietism

How do Christians ensure that their faith is alive and active? How do we keep our congregations vibrant, focused on scripture and compelled to love our neighbors as Christ loved us? These same questions were asked by members of a 17th century movement called Pietism. Discover the story of this influential movement that helped shape evangelicalism.

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How do Christians ensure that their faith is alive, active and led by the Holy Spirit? How do we keep our congregations vibrant, focused on scripture and compelled to love our neighbors as Christ loved us? These questions are not new. Each generation of Christians has had to answer them and our history is an indispensable guide as the church continuously seeks renewal.

God’s Glory, Neighbors Good tells the story of Pietism, a 17th century movement that called Christians to focus on the Bible, the need for spiritual rebirth and personal transformation. This feature length documentary reveals how Pietism helped shape modern evangelicalism and how it helps us understand issues confronting the church today.

Editorial Reviews

The historical roots of modern-day Evangelicalism, which emphasizes spiritual rebirth and personal fidelity to Scripture, lie in Pietism, a 17th-century religious movement inspired by the work of theologian Philipp Spener. PIetism resonated with Christian reformists who saw their religion being divided into sects that adopted violent, even murderous, positions towards one another. PIetism was an effort to return to Christian basics—such as loving one's neighbor—while also eventually encouraging progressivism in the areas of women's rights and universal education. During the 17th and 18th centuries, a number of leaders advanced Pietism, which had reached some rareified heights embraced by Scandinavian royalty—among other powerful and wealthy groups. The practice spread to Moravia, where some Lutherans emigrated, and ultimately was the focus of missionary work in such far-flung places as Greenland. Pietism was also a facet of Christian devotion in the most rustic American colonies, and while the movement finally waned in the 19th century, its larger imprint is still very much evident today. Combining archival materials with scholarly interviews, this informative documentary offers an illuminating lesson about a historically important branch of the Christian faith. Recommended.

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