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Christmas Child / A Time to Remember

Two Christmas favorites for the family!

  • Item 54555D
  • Region: US and Canada
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Running Time: 184 min total
Retail: $1.85
Price: $9.99
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Christmas Child
As Christmas draws near, Jack finds himself disconnecting with the holidays, his job, and ultimately his wife. As Jack delves into the mysteries of a life-sized, intricately carved nativity, he uncovers secrets from his past, reunites with the family he never knew and returns to the love that never left him. Starring William R. Moses, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Megan Follows. (96 minutes)

A Time To Remember
For Britt Calhoun, the black sheep of the wealthy Calhouns, a return home for a Thanksgiving reunion means revisiting painful memories and reconciling with a past her mother chooses to ignore until a revealing secret about the family matriarch changes everything. Starring Doris Roberts and Dana Delaney. (88 minutes)

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